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As a Connected Casebook adopter, you get free access to To request access, please contact with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • School
  • Titles/Authors of Connected Casebook you are adopting
  • Course for which you adopted the Connected Casebook

Please note that we may contact the Dean's Office at your school to verify your status as a professor before granting you access to a Connected Casebook.

The title currently available as Connected Casebooks are:

  • Cases and Materials on Business Entities, Third Edition by Eric A. Chiappinelli
  • Civil Procedure: A Coursebook, Second Edition by Joseph W. Glannon, Andrew M. Perlman, Peter Raven-Hansen
  • Civil Procedure, Eighth Edition by Stephen C. Yeazell
  • Contemporary Trusts and Estates: An Experiential Approach, Second Edition by Susan N. Gary, Jerome Borison, Naomi R. Cahn, Paula A. Monopoli
  • Criminal Law: Cases & Materials, Seventh Edition by John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg, Guyora Binder
  • Defining Crimes, Second Edition by William J. Stuntz, Joseph L. Hoffmann
  • Defining Federal Crimes by Daniel C. Richman, Kate Stith, William J. Stuntz
  • Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions, Ninth Edition by Douglas J. Whaley, Stephen M. McJohn
  • Property Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspectives by Jerry L. Anderson, Daniel B. Bogart
  • Property, Concise Edition by Jesse Dukeminier, James E. Krier, Gregory Alexander, Michael Schill, Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
  • Property, Eighth Edition by Jesse Dukeminier, James E. Krier, Gregory S. Alexander, Michael Schill, Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
  • Tort Law: Principles in Practice by James Underwood
  • Tort Law: Responsibilities & Redress, Third Edition by John C.P. Goldberg, Anthony J. Sebok, Benjamin C. Zipursky
  • Trademark and Unfair Competition Law: Cases and Problems in an Intellectual Property Context by David W. Barnes
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